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            Your career starts here

            Why Greenspire

            We're growing rapidly and looking for top talent

            Click Here to Schedule an Interview

            If you live outside of Los Angeles County, after booking your appointment online, call our Talent Acquisition Department directly at
            (310) 477 7686 Ext 108 or email us at hiring@greenspire and we may arrange a virtual interview for you instead.

            The movement toward clean energy starts with you. A ‘people person’, your passion for going green is contagious. You’re comfortable generating leads in person and walking homeowners through the process from step one.

            • Field Marketing
            • Inside Marketing
            • Retail Marketing
            • Digital Marketing

            Are you ready to inspire? Our program facilitator team is devoted to taking care?of our customers. From answering basic questions about various incentive programs to enrolling customers, our team is among?the best in the industry.

            • Program Facilitator
            • District Manager
            • Regional Director

            Ready to put your business, marketing, or legal skills to work for the greater good? We want fresh ideas and smart execution. Brilliant engineer, developer, or coder? We’re always looking for better ways to interface with our customers?– show us what you’ve got.

            • Support Center
            • Enrollment Team
            • Account Manager
            • Design Engineer
            • Pipeline Management
            • Customer Management

            Are you empathetic, patient, and genuine? You understand that a strong team can go a long way and you strive to help make?that difference.

            • Talent Acquisition Manager
            • HR Assistant
            • HR Director
            • Interview Scheduler
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